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Platforms & Development Tools

With over 140 high-fidelity, high-definition simulator projects and counting, GSE has the experience and proven technology to deliver the best in simulation.

Platforms & Development Tools

GSE engineers focus on creating the most accurate, highest-level of advanced modeling technologies on the market. We provide unparalleled accuracy and detail enabling the simulator to be used to test engineering changes, control system design and strategies and perform human factors engineering prior to plant commissioning. Our full-scope simulators are built using the most advanced model creation to provide multilayered solutions that exceed mandates, and address overlooked and newly introduced vulnerabilities, to help provide defined training outcomes.

Java Application & Development Environment is a set of integrated, high-fidelity simulation modeling tools that provide full nuclear power plant capabilities.

The “open” nature of XTREME’s development tool set allows integration with any executive in the simulation industry to model virtually any balance of plant system.

Designed for the process industry, JPro provides an integrated software suite that allows engineers to develop their own high-fidelity, real-time, dynamic simulations.

With SimExec manage all the real-time model execution, applicable for Windows and LINUX/UNIX operating systems and proven to integrate with multiple virtual DCS systems.

OpenSim is the most widely used simulator executive in the North American market and the first PC- and Windows-based simulator executive and instructor station.

GSE platforms are flexible and can be applied to any plant currently in operation, under construction or in design, and for new, upgraded or an integrated 3rd party system. We use state-of-the-art technology and a design approach that features forward-thinking user input for modeling environments that offer flexibility and ease of use.

Advanced Simulator Development Tools: Built with Expertise

Created by industry-leading engineers, JADE and XTREME tools have been designed to create an effective and efficient work environment through the lifetime of the plant. Each tool uses visual features to provide efficient management of design data, configuration items, and for revision control in the development and maintenance of the simulator and support releases of third-party software operating systems, database management tools and software compilers.

Control Manager Interface Simulator-ready DCS human-machine interface J-Dashboard
Two-phase Fluid Modeling True two-phase, 6 equation, multi-component, non-thermal equilibrium J-TopMeret
Liquid Metal Modeling Two-phase liquid medal flow networking J-TopMeretLM
Control Logic Modeling Boolean logics; functional block control J-Control
Electric Network Modeling AC and DC electrical generation and distribution true network model J-Electric X-Electric
Flow Network Modeling J-Flow X-Flow
Schematic Logic Modeling Schematic logics J-Logic X-Logic
Operator View Dashboard Modular instructor station for controlling simulator training environments J-Station X-ACE
Modeling Environment Design Tool Real-time graphical drawing editor J-Designer X-Edit
Integrated AV Instructor Stations Modular instructor station for controlling simulator training environments AV System


Powerful Instructor Stations

One of the most visible components of GSE’s software is our powerful instructor stations, putting the instructor in full command of the simulator session. Each station features:

  • Common graphical user interface for instructor view and operator view
  • Flexible simulator environment
  • Standard features such as event triggers, scenario creation, and trainee performance tracking
  • Embedded features such as monitored parameters, trending, validation and verification, scenario-based testing (SBT)

We use J-Station or X-ACE to provide a complete range of features to control and monitor your simulator, and set up training sessioning by choosing the initial plant starting conditions and configuring various equipment changes to occur during the training session.