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“Servicing customers since 1971, GSE has deep expertise in engineering, operations, visualization, training and simulation to improve human and plant performance.”


Simulation solutions for confident operations.

Picture-perfect performance starts here. GSE Systems & Simulation supports operational excellence in the power industry, through power plant simulation, modeling and on-demand learning. We create agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.

Our services reflect decades of experience, and more simulation installations than any other company. We helped build the first commercial full-scope nuclear power plant simulator and pioneered providing high-fidelity refinery plant simulators and high-fidelity fossil power plant simulators.

GSE simulators provide real-world power plant training for operator licensing, optimizing plant operating procedures, and reducing costs. We work closely with our clients to deliver the simulators, training and plant support they trust for safe, confident operations and emergency response. Our trusted integration team is renown in the industry; always there for clients, delivering on time and on budget, and offering the highest quality technical resources in the industry.

Full-Scope Simulation

Simulator creates training scenarios around real events and operating conditions, and helps capture and retain the knowledge of your most experienced operators so employees have the experience they need to be ready for anything. Using our powerful JADE or Xtreme software, we can build you a new plant simulator or upgrade your existing model.

Classroom Simulators

We use state-of-the-art modeling tools, industry-leading engineering codes, and years of expertise, to achieve unparalleled fidelity and realism for students and instructors. Our classroom simulations use touchscreen display trainers, resulting in an engaging learning experience that makes it easier to meet objectives and gain effective competency levels faster.

On-Demand Training for Process Industry

Anytime, anywhere access to rich learning content is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of unit operations to plant operators, engineers and management. Our structured learning using our EnVision suite of products, includes tutorials and simulations at all levels.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Modify, upgrade and support older nuclear simulators requiring a partial or full upgrade of their simulator’s hardware and/or software platforms. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in all type of reactors, including new reactor designs and new builds.

Development Platforms

Get the custom power plant operator training program you need. We can develop your entire program or upgrade your current program to ensure training is related to your specific job tasks. What’s more, you can leverage your full-scope simulator to become a valuable educational tool.

Advanced Models

We go above and beyond basic simulation – our talented engineers create the most accurate and innovative advanced modeling technologies on the market.