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Data Validation & Reconciliation (DVR)

GSE Engineering, Programs & Performance group (formerly True North Consulting) is helping plants improve their performance using Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) modeling. This method reduces uncertainty surrounding performance monitoring to allow better decision making. DVR Modeling has quickly become the gold standard for optimizing plant performance. Our approach to DVR starts with a highly experienced team of Thermal Performance ex

The DVR-TSM methods minimize the potential effect of significant bias error in process data – and offers many proven operational benefits.

DVR applies statistical and first-order principles, to:

  • Identify Faulty Sensors: Reducing maintenance costs by only working components that need to be worked
  • Optimize Output: By identifying error in existing instruments and correcting that indication
  • Robust Analysis: Providing pseudo measurements with the uncertainty of those measurements to compensate for missing instruments
  • Recover Power: By identifying losses typically not found by component monitoring

We’ve seen the trend and the need for optimization – and have services available to assist with thermal performance testing and monitoring. Our Thermal System Monitor (TSM) software provides analysis and reporting of plant thermal performance, helping to reduce manpower, errors, and costs in operations.  It integrates seamlessly with our DVR modeling processes and other software tools already in use at your plant.

Designed by experts with decades of plant service experience, our TSM application provides convenient and powerful tools for a thermal performance monitoring program. The software includes a convenient user interface for the calculation modules. Modules can be purchased as needed and added to the TSM package at any time. This modular “buy only what is needed now” approach which easily integrates with other site platforms greatly reduces excessive ongoing maintenance and update fees tied to other platform type choices.

Read our feature article from POWER Magazine on How (and Why) Using DVR Modeling Will Improve Power Plant Performance

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